CNG Usage Areas

Asphalt Plants

Food Industry 

Construction Material Manufacturers

Chemical Enterprises

Mining Industry

Metal Industry 

Other Industrial Facilities

Our CNG Services

General Services to All Industries

  • Natural gas usage analysis: daily, monthly, yearly
  • Remote stock reading
  • Remote meter reading
  • Remote reading of pallet pressures
  • Monitoring of consumption points (burners) separately
  • Establishment of the CNG system within 1 week following the site delivery.

Industry-Specific Additional Services

Asphalt Plants:

  • Separate natural gas meters for the dryer and the Bitumen heating line
  • CNG field that can be relocated in half a day if the construction site is moved


Industrial Production Facilities:

  • Supply with special export regime within the Free Zone
  • Providing data for Energy Saver programs
  • Data transfer to automation systems with web service
  • Data transfer to process monitoring systems via web service
  • Consolidation of information of different facilities
  • Flexible billing periods
  • Preparation of Explosion Protection Document
  • Special price application in case of interrupted purchase request

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