13Bulk CNG Filling Plants
124+Districts and Towns reached in City Gas business line
1Design and Production Center
7Regions Served
16Total Number of Plants

Environmental Solutions

In all business areas we serve, we create high value with our operational strength and support sustainable living.

With environmentally friendly CNG and LNG, we help to maintain the cleanliness of our air in many different areas, from transportation to production, and reduce energy consumption with high energy efficiency.


We supply environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) to industrials, accommodation facilities, public institutions, and housing projects in regions that have no pipeline access.


We supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to industrials in regions that have no pipeline access, via our LNG tanker fleet.


With our effective logistics fleet, we supply off-grid natural gas in order to meet the natural gas needs of districts and towns with no pipeline access


We offer CNG fuel solutions for heavy vehicles with our Auto CNG stations in strategic locations.


We provide operation services to natural gas wells that are not able to connect to the national natural gas grid. We transport the gas in CNG form, from a remote well to a pipeline.

News From Us

Natural Gas Everywhere with NATURELGAZ

Naturelgaz, the leader of the off-grid natural gas industry in Turkey, brings clean and efficient natural gas to every part of Turkey. It delivers the energy that will heat households, power industrial enterprises and fuel vehicles to every point in need with environmentally friendly innovative solutions.

Our CNG Plants and Auto CNG Stations

With our CNG plants and Auto CNG stations established in different regions of Turkey, we provide energy to businesses and CNG using vehicles across the country.

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