Global Investment Holdings Inc.

Global Investment Holdings Inc.

Global Investment Holdings Inc., which has grown its total assets 41 times and its equities 9 times in the last 15 years, has transformed from a brokerage house to a holding operating in a wide range of business lines.

Established as a brokerage house in 1990, Global Investment Holdings Inc. soon became Turkey’s leading independent brokerage house and investment banking company. Having made it possible for our country and many industries to meet international investors for the first time, the holding played an important role in the development of Turkish capital markets. Creating a wide investment portfolio in 2004 thanks to its strong investment banking experience and investment appetite, Global Investment Holdings Inc. has turned into a dynamic investment tool with its interest in emerging industries as well as traditional non-banking financial services.

Its current asset portfolio includes commercial and cruise port operations, electricity generation, natural gas sales and distribution, mining, real estate, and financial services, which are among the industries with high growth potential with first move advantages. Global Investment Holdings Inc., by participating in their capital and management, acts as a framework for the management of important matters such as investment, financing, organization and management of its subsidiaries.

Fields of Activity

Global Investment Holdings Inc. currently operates in six main industries:

Port Management

Cruise port and commercial port operation;

Energy Production

Renewable and clean energy production and energy efficiency;

Natural Gas

Transported natural gas sales and distribution;


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and wealth management.


In addition to the production of high-value feldspar products, feldspar mining activities with the most efficient methods and an environmentally responsible approach;

Real Estate

Development and operation of real estate projects;

Growing Global Power

Global Investment Holdings Inc. has determined a new strategy that focuses on developing regional and global companies in its main fields of activity, which it has determined as port management, clean energy and asset management. Global Investment Holdings Inc., thanks to this new focus, aims to grow faster in these strategic areas with high growth potential while using its resources more efficiently.

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