Our History


Naturelgaz was established.

The first bulk CNG plants were opened in Bursa, Adapazarı and İzmir.


Global Investment Holdings Inc. became the majority shareholder of Naturelgaz.

Bolu Auto CNG station was opened.
Antalya bulk CNG plant was opened.

2013 & 2014

Konya, Kayseri, Rize and Osmaniye bulk CNG plants and Kocaeli Auto CNG station were opened.


Turkey’s largest CNG contract was signed between Naturelgaz and ÇAYKUR upon CNG conversion of the fuel system used in ÇAYKUR Çay İşletmeleri (Tea Enterprises) factories.


Kırıkkale bulk CNG plant was established in order to operate in the Central Anatolia region.


Operational capacity was modernized with the new SCADA system.

Alibeyköy auto CNG station was opened for the fuel supply of CNG buses serving the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


Naturelgaz started to supply off-grid natural gas to districts and towns with no natural gas pipeline access with the Citygas business line.


Elazig and Erzurum bulk CNG plants were opened.

Well CNG business line operations started.


Naturelgaz acquired the shares of SOCAR Turkey LNG A.S.  With this acquisition, Denizli and Ordu Bulk CNG plants, 6 new Auto CNG stations and LNG distribution infrastructure were added to Naturelgaz’s portfolio.

Lüleburgaz (Kırklareli) CNG filling plant was opened.


As of April 1, 2021, Naturelgaz shares started to be traded at Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Naturelgaz signed a cooperation agreement with Petrol Ofisi to create synergy in Auto CNG business.

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