Auto CNG

Fuel Solution for Your Fleet: Auto CNG

Naturelgaz sells CNG through dispensers to heavy duty vehicles such as logistics trucks, garbage trucks and city buses from its Auto CNG stations. Naturelgaz also plans fuel conversion for heavy duty vehicles.

Naturelgaz supplies fuel to CNG vehicles with 3 Auto CNG stations.

What is Auto CNG?

CNG in vehicles has been widely used for years in Europe, South America, Far East, Central Asia, and the Middle East due to its environmental effects and savings advantages. The use of CNG in vehicles also makes a significant contribution to the diversification of a country’s energy supply.

Compared to other fossil fuels, CNG contains less greenhouse gas emissions and almost none of the pollutants (particulate matter and nitrogen oxides or NOx) that pollute the air we breathe. CNG vehicles are quieter and more economical.

Naturelgaz offers CNG solutions for heavy duty vehicles by providing services for the conversion of their existing diesel vehicles to CNG. Heavy duty vehicles such as logistics trucks, garbage trucks and city buses are suitable vehicles for conversion to CNG.

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