Our Human Resources Approach

Towards Future with Positive Energy Created by Our Employees

At Naturelgaz, our goal is to continuously improve the satisfaction, motivation, and competencies of our employees, who are our most valuable assets, and to make a difference with efficient and creative Human Resources practices.

We structure our organization in line with our Company’s goals and strategies, by constantly reviewing HR systems and processes.

By constantly monitoring the performance of all our employees, we develop practices that will contribute to the development of our employees’ competencies, career, and performance management according to the evolving needs of the organization.

Considering the suggestions and expectations of our employees, we work to create a working environment that aims to strengthen satisfaction, motivation and loyalty, and where our employees will feel valued.

Career at Naturelgaz

We Believe in the Energy and Potential of Our Employees

The most important purpose of the performance management system implemented at Naturelgaz is to evaluate the performance of our employees objectively, to maximize them and to reveal their potential.

In the performance evaluation process, we determine the strengths and areas of improvement of the employee and plan training and development in line with their career goals and responsibilities.

We first announce our open positions within the company and evaluate the applications suitable for the position.

We expect candidates who will join the Naturelgaz family to have personal characteristics parallel to Naturelgaz values and the knowledge, skills, experience, and competencies required by the position. In line with these priorities, we evaluate the applications objectively in our recruitment process and use various tools such as competency-based interviews, personality and general ability tests, and case studies.

We organize an orientation program so that our newly recruited employees can easily adapt to Naturelgaz. With this program, we inform our new employees about our working environment, company practices and corporate culture.

Apply Now to Join the NATURELGAZ Family

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