What is LNG?

What is LNG?

  • LNG is formed from the abbreviation of the initials of the words “Liquefied Natural Gas”, which means Liquefied Natural Gas in English.
  • When natural gas is cooled down to -162°C at atmospheric pressure, it condenses and passes from the gas phase to the liquid phase and is called LNG.
  • LNG is an odorless, colorless and non-toxic fuel.
  • While natural gas transforms into liquid phase, that is, LNG, it decreases approximately 600 times in volume. This feature makes it possible to transport and store LNG in large quantities.
  • During the liquefaction phase of natural gas, the removal of heavy hydrocarbons ensures that LNG is cleaner and has a higher energy value compared to pipe natural gas.
  • LNG is offered for consumption in the gas phase. Evaporator (gasifier) ​​is used to convert LNG from liquid phase to gas phase.

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