Advantages of CNG

Advantages of CNG

Natural gas is an important energy source for reducing air pollution and providing a clean and healthy environment.

The cleanest energy source among all fossil fuels is natural gas.

Natural gas contributes to both reducing maintenance costs and increasing product quality.

  • In the use of CNG, there is no additional expense for heating the fuel as in the use of fuel oil.
  • There is no loss in the use of CNG compared to Fuel Oil. (In fuel oil tankers, 2-3% of fuel may remain, resulting in fuel loss.)
  • CNG delivery is not open to abuse in any way. (If other products (such as wax, marble dust, etc.) are added to the tanker before the delivery of Fuel Oil, the density may change and therefore various abuses may occur.)
  • No Additional Costs in CNG: (There is no pipeline insulation and maintenance cost as in Fuel Oil systems.)
  • CNG can be used as an alternative system. If desired, LNG system can be placed next to the CNG system. Naturelgaz can set up a system that automatically changes the supply source.
  • Mobile System: The location of the CNG installation can be changed in about half a day; It is possible to change the installation location uninterruptedly between the works when a change is required due to the work flow or land use in the enterprise. In LNG, this process can take a minimum of 1 week and some of the LNG in the tank may be wasted in the discharge.
  • CNG is Efficient: CNG provides up to 9% operational efficiency difference in peak drafts. Especially at peak (over 1,000 Sm3/hour) drafts, the evaporation rate of the gasified fuels may not be sufficient, resulting in low gas pressure in the system and thus a decrease in plant production capacity. The experience of our great customers; It is stated that when they use CNG, they can reach full capacity in the plant with a capacity of 240 tons / hour, but the production of some plants with other fuels can decrease to 200 tons / hour. (240 / 220 = 9%)
  • Natural Gas Installation: 1st stage pressure reduction centers and 2nd stage pressure reduction centers used for CNG are constructed with EMRA approved Consultant approvals.

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