About Us

Leader of the Off-Grid Natural Gas

Established in 2004, Naturelgaz Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. operates in the off-grid natural gas industry with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) products.

Naturelgaz meets the natural gas demand in regions that have no pipeline access. Naturelgaz has 4 main business lines: Bulk (Industrial) CNG and LNG, Citygas, Auto CNG, and Well CNG.

Naturelgaz, the leader of the off-grid natural gas industry in Turkey, continues its journey of success in the energy industry with the vision of maintaining its leadership and carrying its experience in the field to international projects.

With its operational strength, Naturelgaz adopts the mission of creating high value for all stakeholders and supporting sustainable life for the world.

Naturelgaz offers CNG & LNG solutions for all industrial enterprises that want to use an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly energy. Naturelgaz also supplies natural gas to districts and towns with no pipeline access, with its strong logistics network. In the field of Auto CNG, Naturelgaz offers an eco-friendly fuel solution for heavy duty vehicles such as logistics trucks, garbage trucks

and city buses that run on CNG and develops special projects for those customers for the conversion of diesel vehicles to CNG. Naturelgaz also carries out the activities of transporting the extracted natural gas in CNG form, from a remote well to a pipeline.

Naturelgaz, whose shares have been traded at Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol “NTGAZ” since April 1, 2021, is a Global Investment Holding subsidiary.

Naturelgaz delivers uninterrupted and clean energy 24/7 across the country with its 13 industrial filling plants, more than 60,000 CNG cylinders, 31 LNG storage tanks, 5 LNG road tankers and 3 Auto CNG stations.

Our Vision

To maintain our leadership in the Turkish off- grid natural gas industry and to carry our experience in this field to international projects.

Our Mission

To create high value for all our stakeholders with our innovative solutions and operational strength and support sustainable life for the world.

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